Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Uninvited Guest {Wedding Photographer - Eureka, CA}

It started with a tick. No, not the kind of tick accompanied by a 'tock' but the creepy, crawly, blood-sucking kind that one would pick up if they were, say, hunting. So given that we had heard Jason was an avid hunter, it should have come as no surprise when such a creature made an appearance during our very first meeting with this couple. 

There we were, sitting in a local coffee shop with our mochas and albums just chatting away with the newly engaged Stacy and Jason about their upcoming wedding. Everything seemed to be going normally, flowers this, dress that, when suddenly, Jason starts ripping his shirt off! We were all a little stunned, especially Stacy, who had the most horrified look on her face that only intensified when Jason casually asked, "Do I have a tick on my back?" She turned bright red, spotted the little bugger, grabbed it, and flung it across the room (sorry fellow coffee patrons!).  I wasn't sure Stacy was going to recover from the embarrassing sequence of events, but I think she soon discovered that Scott and I certainly are not uptight people who can't roll with the punches and have a little laugh while we're at it.

I think our little "visitor" certainly helped set the tone for how our interaction with this couple was going to be. We had such a nice relaxed and fun engagement session with them (See it HERE) and their wedding day was no different. Not only were Stacy and Jason a dream to photograph during our special creative portrait session with them (including some really romantic night shots!), but they surrounded themselves with extremely fun and cooperative people in their wedding party who totally got into the shots and made them that much more successful. And you'll be happy to know the whole day was tick free! :)

So thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Pearce for creating a laid back atmosphere from the very beginning where we could do what we do best while truly being our goofy selves!


Channeling the "Bridesmaids" movie poster!

Would you buy their album? ;)

More amazing flowers by the lovely and talented Faye of Flora Organica! 


Top:Stacy's sister's handiwork, the Tiffany inspired cupcake stand
Bottom: Jason's brother's handiwork, a truly hilarious toast that had everyone rolling (and blushing!)
We aim to please with our beautiful images as well as Scott's appropriate neckties (a San Francisco Giants one in this case). Obviously Stacy approves.

Event Planner: Shirly Atkins, Weddings by Design
Flowers: Flora Organica
Venue: The Fortuna River Lodge
Hair: Forever Young
Makeup: Rose Westfall

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Destination Moonstone {Wedding Photographer - Eureka, CA}

You may remember Heidi and Matt from their Redding engagement session here. Although these two are from the Chico area, they have a love for the beauty of our north coast and the bounty of our micro brews and decided to create a mini destination experience for their wedding guests who ventured over the hill.

We started the day at the fabulous Linden & Company salon capturing a bit of girl time, followed by a few minutes with the boys at their Trinidad vacation rental. This bride and groom opted for a fun sneak peek of each other before their nuptials and I had a little fun of my own taunting Matt about how beautiful Heidi looked without allowing him to turn around for looksy. Hee, hee, hee! I know, I'm evil! :)

They exchanged vows at the picturesque Moonstone Beach, with a beautiful foggy haze surrounding them, creating an ethereal feeling to the whole ceremony. They had a gorgeous champagne and blush color scheme that added to the beachy yet sophisticated feel. Their reception followed at the newly remodeled beach house with local beer, brewery inspired food, dancing and a few fireworks as a send off for the newlyweds.

All in all, it was a wonderfully lovely day. We only wish this awesome couple lived closer so we could do a bit of brew hoppin' together!

And one outtake for good measure! :)

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Monday, October 3, 2011

From Redwoods to Potatoes and Back Again {Engagement Portraits, Wedding Photographer - Eureka, CA}

Stacey did her research. From the Land of Potatoes she searched and searched for wedding photographers behind the Redwood Curtain for her July 2012 nuptials. What all her research didn't tell her before she contacted me about her wedding photography needs, is that she already knew me. It just so happens that our brothers grew up together as best friends from kindergarten through high school. So I am delighted that now we, as the big sisters, will have our own opportunity to form our own friendly relationship! 

Stacey and Justin decided to venture back to her hometown for their upcoming wedding, so once they nailed me down as their photographer, they wasted no time in planning a special trip back from Boise to get their engagement portraits done. Now I knew this gorgeous couple would have no problem creating some magical moments in front of the camera, but it was so cute when we first met up and they expressed how nervous they were about the process. So we broke them in slowly to help ease the jitters, and as you will see, by the end of the night, they were old pros! 

I'm so glad they were willing to embrace their romantic sides because it totally paid off! Stacey and Justin, I cannot wait for your wedding day!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Festival of Love and Matrimony {Wedding Photographer-Eureka, CA}

We were chosen to be part of Angelina and Will's wedding day months and months ago without ever having met, but once we did finally get the chance to become acquainted during a walk through of their wedding venue, I knew we were a great match! 

Angelina brought out her event planning background and pulled out all the stops to create her dream wedding. They chose Will's family ranch in Freshwater to be the site of what came to be known as "Will & Angelina's Festival of Love and Matrimony" which, for them and a few of their guests, started and ended days before and after the big day. Being a ranch, they had lots of room to spread out, with charming little vignettes sprinkled throughout the property. From the ceremony site in a small apple orchard, to a reception tent, to a mini campground set up for overnight guests, everywhere you looked was a place with a purpose. 

The wedding guests were treated to live music as well as DJ Stir Fry Willy for a variety of great tunes to get down to. But the biggest surprise of this grand event were the fire dancers, of Firefly Entertainment who put on a unique and exotic show ending in the lighting of a huge bonfire. 

All I know is, Angelina could plan my wedding any day! Well done! :)

Flowers by the great Flora Organica, gorgeous as always!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Royal-Urban Wedding {Wedding Photographer - Eureka, CA}

I'm so ashamed. With my busy summer season I have SERIOUSLY neglected my blog so I'm having to play a little catch-up. Please forgive me! 

That being said, in this posting we revisit Michelle and Daniel Urban, only this time, for their wedding! I was so impressed by the gorgeous event these two were able to throw together in just a mere two months. They were married at Faith Center Foursquare Church where their families had become acquainted years earlier. With the church's newly installed advanced lighting system that washed the whole venue with lovely hues of lavenders and plums, strategically placed branches and mossy twigs were set off by the white twinkle lights and candles to create a beyond-romantic atmosphere. Their ceremony matched the beauty of the ambiance with a communion for the two of them followed by the pouring of sand together along with Michelle's son Jordan into a single vessel. It was such a sweet official beginning to their little family!

After the nuptials, we whisked the newlyweds away for a private portrait session in Old Town, Eureka where we had a little surprise waiting for them...a horse-drawn carriage! As they rode from the the waterfront to the plaza, greeted by waves and well-wishes by passersby, Daniel said, "I feel like we're the Royal Wedding of Eureka!" with the most giant grin on his face. Priceless!

Congrats, Urbans! You will always be royalty to us! :)

Does his expression not say it all?

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